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Brawl Squad Bio: Blade
The Best Swordsmen are the ones who have great patience and attitude.But,some of them are Master Swordsmen and they have terrible attitudes and no patience like the Darkened Swordsman,Blade.Born as Jin Kingston,he was destined to be a Legendary Being.He did but,not the way some people should.Despite being a really smart child,Jin had one terrible fault....he had the attitude of a Delinquent,a really mean Delinquent.
Jin was 10 years old when he was adopted by the Lord of Darkness,Zack Kingston and raised to be a deadly opponent to anyone who opposed him.Jin was able to take on people who were trained assassins at the age of 13 and took down a rival villain company at 14.Jin is very sly and quick,relying on fast paced punches,kicks,and slashes.
Despite being one of the most ruthless kids Zack has,Jin is not very strategic,one wrong move and he can find himself at wrong end of a sword,shot in the head,or decapitated.Also,he has a very short tempe
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Brawl Squad Bio: Nightmare
Allow me to tell you the tale of a God who started as the exact opposite of powerful.His name was Zack Kingston,brother to Sonic the Hedgehog but,something tells me they didn't like each other much.While Sonic loved taking care of his 14 year old ADOPTED brother,Zack didn't like it.He was depressed everyday at school and he didn't like his new royalty family so,he felt he needed to prove that in a very unnecessary way.
When walking home from school one day,Zack came across a Sorceress who promised him unbelievable power if he did the unthinkable....kill the King and Queen who were his Parents.He thought for a minute about the consequences but,not too hard as he instantly agreed to the Sorceress's request.So he continued home to fulfill the Sorceress's request.
The weirdest thing is he actually succeeded in killing the King but,not his mother.Even worse,he didn't remember Sonic was heading home and he saw the horror.At that moment,Sonic fle
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Brawl Squad Bio: Dustil
On a small street in the mighty kingdom of Tailvain,a rather short girl named Duela was living with her mother and step-father when war struck their hometown rather suddenly.During the war,her step-father was killed and her mother went missing and Duela was all alone.......kinda messed up,isn't it?Well,it wasn't too hard for her to live alone.She was 16 so...she could handle herself enough to live.
However,despite her seeming normal,she hides a very odd/crazy secret.Bet you didn't know Duela was actually the daughter of the God of the Wind,Fujin.....I'm not joking....she's a demigoddess.Being a demigod to the Wind,Duela has all sorts of control over the Wind and even storms...sort of on the storm part.The amount of control she has now allows her to summon Tornadoes,Hurricanes,create walls of air that can block even an explosion from a RPG.
6 Years Later
Duela is now 22 and is powerful enough to even make her fath
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Brawl Squad Bio: Basil
During the events of the first Skullgirl,a family living near the Canopy Kingdom were wanting to become part of the kingdom but,as they were about to move in,the kingdom was attacked and the mother was killed in the process and only the husband and the 1 year old daughter survived.The husband had no choice but to stay away from the kingdom to raise and protect his daughter,Basil.She was so cute and caring when she grew up.
Basil wanted to help her aging father anyway she could so,when he asked her to leave him,she was very resistant.He finally convinced her that he could take care of himself and that she needed to move on and start a new life now while she was 14.She wanted to refuse badly but,left anyway.She sort of had no reason to worry because she was trained in Karate by a Master Martial Artist.She also has Pyrokinesis control,allowing her control Fire at will.However,she is young and hasn't fully completed her practice but,since she has more free time now
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Brawl Squad Bio: Lancelot
In 1998,a rural family living in a big part of Remnant was sort of rich...until their neighborhood was attacked guessed it...Wild Grimm.They weren't capable of protecting themselves but,the mother had to protect her 4 year old child,Pierre,from the ferocious beasts so,since she was a war veteran and she still owned a Dust Rifle,she decided to go fight and help everyone.You probably guessed that she was killed right?WRONG,she was severely injured and taken to a hospital.However,she was still worried about her son so much,she left the hospital unannounced and traveled back to her neighborhood only to find her son was missing and her husband was dead.
Pierre was taken to Cinder Fall and she was confused,thinking why the Grimm brought her a child.Instead of taking care of the child,she scolded everyone,asking why they brought this child to her and Emerald explained a very important point about this child's origin.She explained he had latent "Silho" power s
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Brawl Squad Bio: Luna
I'm sure I don't have to explain who Zack is...ya know...Lord of Darkness...Nightmoon?Yeah him.If you have read the Death Battle background I made of him in my Journal,you'd know that he has kids.All 8 of these kids have their own special powers.One of these kids is a Sorceress who can do a lot more than cast a spell.Her name is Bella Kingston and she was a very seductive girl.As a child,she was very talkative but,had few friends but,there are certain reasons for that...

Bella was born with unusual powers.Hell,even Zack and his wife,Shelby,were surprised with how powerful they realized their child was.Bella has a "Sorceress" aura,an aura that allows her to do some pretty weird things with her powers.She can cast deadly Spells,Curses,Summons,Storms,etc.When she was only 9,she was able to open portals to Olympus,The Underworld,etc.She is as strong,fast,smart,and durable as her father and as you know,he is all of those things TIMES A MILLION!
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Brawl Squad Bio: Scar
After being born into a terrible town,A boy named Kevin Ivan was determined to become the smartest person in The Tailvain Kingdom.However,all of those dreams were crushed along with his home when a fight between Shadow The Hedgehog and Blade got very violent when Blade used his Dimensional Blade and cut the entire house in half.After the house tumbled down into pieces and rubble,Kevin realized he was the only person in the house that survived the carnage.
After being taken to an orphanage,Kevin was severely depressed and lost all of his emotions.He didn't interact with anyone,talk to anyone,or even say "hi".He barely ate anything,drank anything,or even sleep.He almost,if never,left his room.Kevin was finally enrolled in school but,he didn't like it at all.
Kevin seemed to find some interest in Martial Arts,particularly Swordsmanship.He actually asked one of the orphanage Sisters to enroll him in a Sword dojo.It just so happens that Kevin's grea
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(Note:Most of this characters relatives,feats,powers,techniques,etc were all my ideas so i'm sorry if you don't approve but,it's just how I thought of her to be. Hope you enjoy!;) (Wink) 

I will do this characters analysis page by page.These are her Feats.

-Can hold her own against Superman.
-Regularly takes on Wonder Woman in training and always triumphs.
-Took down The Female Furies on her own but,exhausted afterwards and was captured by Darkseid.
-Survived a brutal beating by Doomsday.
-Fast enough to keep up with The Flash.
-Was once able to wield a Green Lantern Ring.
-Killed her old rival,Cheetah.
-Learned the Secret Identities of the ENTIRE Justice League in 1 week.

-Not quite acquainted with Humans yet so,is easily influenced by them.
-Lost to Aquaman and Mera underwater due to power loss.
-Captured and experimented on by Darkseid's army.
-Died to Black Adam in alternate universe.
-Cares too much about the surviving members of her tribe and sometimes leads to being controlled.
-Defeated by her new rival,Big Barda.


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